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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Everything You Need In Your Equestrian Wardrobe

So today I thought I would share the basic wardrobe that I have for riding and looking after my horses!  It really depends on where you live as I have a lot of warm clothes but if you live in a hotter country you will want clothes that keep you cool.  So let's get into it!

Leisure wear

  • Hat & headbands - I always have a beanie or headband ready for the cold weather!
  • Hoodies & jumpers - I usually just find really comfortable and warm hoodies for layering.  
  • Jackets - Since I am outside in all weather (usually rain and snow here haha!) I have a huge water proof jacket. 
  • Polo shirts - I love wearing these for messing about on the yard as they are super comfortable and you will still love nice even while mucking out! 
  • Stretchy trousers/jeans - Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for jodhpurs!  
  • Thick gloves 
  • Thermals - Depending on where you are these are essential
  • Muck boots

  • Riding boots 
  • Jodhpurs 
  • Thin gloves 
  • Gilet - A big jacket makes it harder to move properly for me!
  • Polo shirts 
  • Long sleeved t-shirts 
  • Thermals 
  • Riding hat

  • Waterproofs 
  • White or cream jodhpurs 
  • riding boots
  • Competition shirt
  • Show jacket 
  • tie 
  • Riding hat 
(you can see my showing check list here

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed! 

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