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Thursday, 4 June 2015

D.I.Y's for the summer!

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Today I am going to show you a few simple DIY's that I love for the summer months!  Most people will have all of these ingredients at home and are all easy to find!  So let's get into it!

DIY fly Spray 

Fly spray can be very expensive!  It also has a lot of chemicals that you horse may react to so this all natural recipe is good if you don't want to spend so much money or your horse is sensitive!

250ml of cold tea

250ml cider vinegar

10-15 drops of 100ml Citronella Pure Essential Oil

10-15 drops of Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

10-15 drops of Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil  or Sandalwood Amyris Pure Essential Oil 50ml

All you have to do is mix these ingredients together in a 500ml spray bottle!  I have to admit it does smell the best (which it isn't supposed to!) but I prefer it to shop bought fly sprays that smell extremely strong!

Extremely easy DIY hoof oil

If you are on a budget this can be an awesome way to keep your horse's hoofs hydrated and strong!

All you need is 50ml of vegetable oil and 50ml of olive oil!

Mix together and you and ready to use it!  You will want to dispose of this after around 6 months.

DIY mane and tail Detangler

I love this recipe for the summer months because I get a little scared to spray my horses with a detangler spray as it can attract flies!  It is super easy and cheap!

200ml of baby oil

10-15 drops of citronella oil

10-15 drops of tea tree oil

10-15 drops of cedarwood atlas or sandalwood Amyris  oil

2 cups of water

Mix together and use!  You will have to be extremely careful not to get this onto your horse's skin as baby oil can cause them to be burnt from the sun!  I would recommend spraying this onto a brush and carefully brushing it through instead of spraying to straight on.

And that's it!  These are my favourite three DIY's to do for the summer!  I hope you enjoyed!


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