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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Horsey May Favourites!

Hey guys!

Today I am going to share some things that my horses and I have be loving!  There is a mix of horse and rider items!  So let's get into it!

Technical Wear Polo Bandages

This year it has been weird weather!  Wet and cold one day and hot and dry the next!  This has caused so havoc on my poor horses hooves.  My horses don't wear shoes and are usually fine!  They had very hard hooves but this years weather has caused them to become cracked and dry.  It has also caused Zoe to get an abscess!  I used this polo bandages while she was on box rest to stop her legs becoming filled and stiff.  They are really good quality.  There are a fleece material so are very warm.  They also stay on really well because of the strong velcro!  I think these act really well as stable bandages and are probably one of the best I have tried!

Mark Todd gilet

I bought this in November last year but have only started wearing this last month!  This is a really high quality gilet!  It is very warm and comfortable.  It is perfect for riding as it's not big and bulky!  The best thing is that I got it for £10 on sale!

Spillers Meadow Herb Treats

These are my horses favourites!  I don't feed them these too often because Shandy likes to have a sneaky bit of your my sometimes if I have been giving them a lot of these!  These are my go-to treats to buy my horses mainly because they love them, the price is really good and the smell amazing!  They also last a decent amount of time as there is a lot in the bag!

Muck Boots 

These are a staple for me every winter and spring!  In the hotter months I usually wear hunters but these really keep you feet warm when it's cold!  They are super comfortable and are really grippy which is essential because there always ends up being a lot of ice in the winter!  I would of usually swapped them out for my hunters by now but they have just been so comfortable and warm I'm not ready too!  They do look massive though!

And that's it!  Hope you enjoyed! Please comment your Equestrian favourites down below!
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