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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My showing Check List With Free Printable!

So today I decided to share my checklist I bring when showing!  I have forgotten important things before a show before so I always make sure I have a list like this handy!


Travelling -

  • Travelling boots 
  • Fleece 
  • Poll protector 
  • Leather Headcollar (safer for travelling)

Showing -

  • Saddle 
  • Bridle 
  • Numnah  
  • Martingale/Breastplate 
  • Stirrups and Stirrup leathers (have somehow forgot these a few times!)
  • Girth 
  • Head collar and lead rope (I usually also bring a spare!) 
  • Container of water and a bucket 
  • Groom kit (you can see my basic Grooming Kit HERE)
  • First Aid kit (you can see my basic first aid kit HERE)
  • Treats (or a bucket with a small amount of horse feed if you horse is hard to load)
  • Lunging line (I have never had to use it but it is worth taking if you horse is very fresh!)
  • Boots (I usually bring over reach boots and brushing or tendon boots for jumping shows)
  • Passport and other important info!  (It is illegal to travel a horse without a passport in some countries!)


Clothes -

  • Showing Jacket 
  • Shirt and tie 
  • Jodhpurs and riding or showing boots 
  • Hair band and net (if necessary)
  • Belt 
  • Riding Hat 
  • Riding Gloves 
  • Waterproofs (I wear these over my showing clothes while travelling to keep them clean)
  • Change of clothes! (Sometimes I want to stay for a little while after my classes have finished!  It is also just nice to change on the way home) 

Other -

  • Money (To pay for classes and buy food if it's available!)
  • Food and Drinks ( Food and Drinks sold at showing grounds are expensive!) 
  • Emergency contacts that are written down and put somewhere that it can be found like your show jacket pocket! (Especially important if you are alone!) 
So that's it!  There are probably some things that I don't bring that others do so please comment below as I would love to hear the difference!

Now for the Printables!  

Click on the colour you like the most to download one of these beautiful, free Showing Check Lists!  All you need to do is print on off, take it to a show and fill it in!  Make sure you have everything you need and remember the showing schedule!


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