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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Five Beauty Products Every Equestrian Should Keep Close!

As you know I have started to get back into riding!  During this short time I have realised that there are a few things that happen while riding and looking after your horse come up and I wish I had brought something beauty related!  So let's get into the five products!

1.  Hand sanitiser and cream!

This one is pretty obvious!  Sometimes however hard you work your hands never get used to what they have to go through when you have horses!  Whether it's scratching your horse with your hands, mucking out, riding, handling haylage or accidentally soaking them in horsey products!  You hands are going to get very dirty, smelling of fly spray or haylage and get dried out!  I always have a bottle of hand sanitiser in my car as well as a bottle of hand cream to put some moisture back into those poor hands!

2.  Makeup brush/foundation!

Now I know not everyone feels the need to go riding with a face full of makeup but chances are if you are tired or in a rush to get on your horse you aren't going to spend time taking makeup off.  That isn't a problem unless you are going somewhere after you ride and don't have time to reapply makeup!  Not only is your face going to get a little dirty (or your whole body) but when you take your hat off your going to have a line across your forehead with the bottom half looking fine and the top half left with no makeup on and marks from the pattern of inside your hat!  I always have a makeup sponge or brush to try to hid this!

3.  Deodorant! 

This is especially important in the summer months!  With all of the mucking out, poo picking, grooming, bathing and riding your doing your definitely going to work up a sweat!  Depending on what horse you are riding you may have to work harder than the horse is!  So I take it with me just in case!  

4.  Hair Bands and lots of them!

Since my old instructor used to tell me stories about girls who had got their hair caught while riding because it wasn't tied up I have never left without a few hair bands!  When you are concentrating on your horses or what you are going to do today while putting your hair up the band is probably going to snap (and possibly hurt your fingers or ping into an unknown place!) so I always have a stash of them near me!

5.  Dry Shampoo

Needless to say if you have been sweating while riding the chances are that when you take your hat off your once freshly washed hair will be a sweaty mess (Lovely, I know!).  Make sure to bring something that really really works!

That is it!  I hope you enjoyed!

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