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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Best Yearly Routine That Your Horse Will Love!

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So I've decided to get blogging another go!  The last time I posted was July last year and between then and now I have been struggling with anxiety and depression.  I have now gotten control of this so I feel I am in the right place to blog consistently.  Anyway, let's get onto today's blog post!

As spring time is here I have slowly been getting my horses into their spring routine.  This made me think, I have worked out a yearly routine that is perfect for my horses and that I want to share it with you!  I've had this routine for around two years and before that I would be a bit all over the place and not really have an idea when to do what.  Obviously it changes between weather, different horses, location and what you have to work with.  My 26 year old second pony  Gypsey is still going strong outside all year but my bigger horses tend to lose weight very easily in the cold!


This is the time where I start to wean my horses from staying in every night to going out a few days a week to start with.  Spring in Scotland in still cold so it really depends on the weather.

  • I start with waiting for a nice night and leaving them out a few days a week.  

  • With this they get a huge pile of hay and their usual hard feed.  We take their second rug off in the day and replace it for the night (during winter they are heavily rugged).  

  • As the grass gets better and it gets warmer we decrease the amount of hay and hard feed they get. 

  • Gypsey is fed mostly the same as the two bigger horses and is moved to a less muddy field.  


By June, things start to get a little more busy again.  Owning a white horse who burns extremely easily in the summer and the other two horses put on weight very quickly.  The next problem is the flies!  Some places are not that bad but the place I keep my horses is horrible for the flies!  So keeping that in mind summer goes like this -

  • Horses go outside at around 8pm with a fly rug, fly mask and fly spray on (also occasionally I also put a rain sheet on over the fly rug).  This is my favourite fly rug! Horseware Mio Fly Rug.


  • Horses come into stables at around 10-11am.  Rugs and masks are taken off, given hay for the day and sprayed with fly spray.  

  • In the summer we muck out in the evening once they are put out.  We will usually not use as much shavings as the winter so we usually put a bag in every week to each horse.  

  • Gypsey suffered from laminitis when we first bought her.  She has completely recovered and hasn't had it for around 5 years but all year long we keep that in mind.  In the months that she is more likely to get in we move her into a much smaller field and she eats mostly hay rather than grass.  If I can't get her to a smaller field I will put a grazing muzzle on her.  (You can get one here Shires Equestrian Deluxe Nylon Grazing Muzzle).  


Autumn is a lot like spring but usually the weather is better.  The flies aren't bad and Zoe doesn't get burnt from the sun!  This is usually when we start to feed them up and start rugging them up to get ready for the winter as I've noticed if I do this they don't lose as much weight.  

  • Horses are out 24 hours a day again apart from riding ect.  At the start of autumn they will be in rain sheets and by November the will have a full neck medium/heavy weight on.  

  • They start to get a hard feed again and get a big pile of hay each every evening.  

  • By the end of Autumn the weather starts getting worse so I will take them in on bad days.


Winter is definitely the worst season for horse owners!  My horses are in for up to 15 hours a day and still manage to plough the field up!  They also get so bored that we let them out into the outdoor school for a run about, lunge and ride them as much as possible!

  • They will be rugged heavily most of the winter which is usually a indoor heavy weight rug and a outdoor heavy weight rug depending on the weather.  

  • They get unlimited haylage in the winter to keep their weight on.  They get fed hard feed twice a day.  

  • I try to get them out to the field everyday for as long as possible but some days if it is icy it's just too dangerous.  

  • As for Gypsey, she also gets rugged quite heavily, fed unlimited haylage and two hard feeds a day.  She stays outdoors but as a field shelter with bedding.  

And there we go!  I hope you enjoyed this post!  I would really appreciate any feed back or ideas of what you would like to see in the future!  

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I will be posting every Wednesday and depending on how this goes  I will consider posting more often!  



  1. This post was a well typed one. I too have a white horse that sunburns easily but I started putting coconut oil around his eyes and nose and it has kept him from sunburning this year. It is also good for his skin. Nice blog!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read! Zoe unfortunately burns all over her body too! :(