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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Day At The Yard!

Last week I had my friend and boyfriend at the yard so they were able to get a few pictures.  We had a lot of fun lunging and messing about.  What we did forget is to wear gloves and a hat!  I really regretted it!

This is his spooky stance! 

He snorted in my face haha

Shandy wasn't very well behaved as he has to much energy.  He just galloped round while I was lunging him and once I managed to stop him he spooked and rope burned my fingers.  I won't forget my hat and gloves for a very long time!  

He's so cute even when he is being naughty!

He looks like he is going to sit down 

After a crazy lunging session my boyfriend messed about with Shandy leading him over poles and it was so funny! 

Still too much energy! 

In love with this picture!

He looks moody but I promise you he was having a LOT of fun!

After Shandy had a lot of fun it was Zoe's turn to get lunged.  She napped a lot in the beginning but she ended up working really well after a few minutes!  For some reason there are only pictures of her being naughty.  

She just wants to go play with Shandy!

Starting to behave!

Watching Shandy being Silly

My boyfriend also tried taking Zoe over the poles but she wasn't going to waste her energy being silly!

So that's it for this week!  Tell me what you think about this kind of post in the comments below as I am thinking about posting one every month!  

Remember I post every Wednesday so be sure to come back every week of a new post!


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