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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Horse Care Organisation Tips That You Should Know!

I find it to be really important to organise my horses life!  You can find free printables on pinterest for farrier, wormer and more organisation sheets or you can do as I do and write out your own!  So if you want to learn how I organise my horses then read on!

1. Each Horse

For each of my horses I have a folder with all of their details.  In this folder I keep the horses passport, vet documents and all of the below planning documents.

2.  Appointments 

For this section I write down all appointments (Dentist, farrier, and vets).  I will write down the date and time, what is being done and how long it will take and when the next appointment will be.  This really helps me with remember when to book the next appointment as I tend to forget if I don't have something written down! 

3.   Health Routine    

This is where I keep track of worming, injections and any other medicine the horses might need!  It keeps everything in one place and it is a good idea if you keep your horses at a yard as you will need to give them your worming routine.  

4.  Cleaning routine  

This is one of the more boring ones!  I plan what I need to clean in the yard daily, weekly and monthly.  I will also scribble down what I need to go to keep my horses clean!  I have to adapt with the different horses as Zoe needs washed and groomed a lot more than the others with her being white!  

5.  Training Progression and Planning 

This is one I LOVE to write down!  I write down my weekly plan for riding.  I plan how many times I am going to ride, plan the days around my work,  and what I am going to do.  I also plan my stable routine for the week in this section.  I plan which days I will take them into the stables (with help of my blog post - THE BEST YEARLY ROUTINE THAT YOUR HORSE WILL LOVE!).

There you go!  New blog posts every Wednesdays so check an eye out for that!  


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