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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

5 Advantages Of Owning A Horse!

I was really appreciating my horses today so I thought I would share some advantages of owning horses!  

1. Fitness!  

If you are going to own a horse you have to be ready for a lot of working out!  I don't personally think it feels like working out and you may not be dripping with sweat but I can promise that you will get a work out and get toned!  When riding for the first time you will have sore muscles that you didn't even know you had!  And of course you can't forget the part that takes up most of the time, the mucking out and stable duties!  You will find that within a few months you have doubled your strength and can work a lot faster!

2. Your Own Personal Councillor!  

Everyone knows that animals are amazing if you aren't feeling great.  I suffer will anxiety and having a confident horse like Shandy is amazing to calm down and relax for a while.  It is important to be around a calm, confidence giving horse as a nervous horse will get worse around your nervous, anxious mood.

3.  There Is Always Something to Do!  

You are never going to be sitting around doing nothing.  As a teenager (which I guess I still am haha) I spent hours after school at the yard and on weekends I was there all day everyday!  Although you might want to get some equestrian friends as friends who aren't keen on horses aren't going to be around much!

4.  You Learn How Patience! 

Having horses means having patience!  If you don't have any then you probably aren't the right person for a horse.  Most horses will try your patience on a daily basis!  It is important for other things in life to have patience.  Apart from that your horse will teach you a lot of life skills!

5.  You Have A Best Friend For Life!   

The best part about owning a horse is you have a best friend for life!  Horses are one of the best company every and you will love them as soon as you meet them!  I really don't know how someone couldn't like a horse!

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