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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Worst Advice I have been Given About Horses!

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This week I would like to share all of the very bad advice for horses!  P.s, if you don't like opinionated posts you might not like this as I talk a lot about being nice to your horse!

1. "If your horse leans on your hands just pull the reins upwards as hard as you can!" 

I have heard people say this way to often!  Shandy is not an easy horse to rider and he doesn't ever go nicely into an outline and I don't force him.  He leans on my hands, is extremely strong, throws his head and pulls my hands forward.  I have found that getting him introuble (by voice) will just make him do it more so I just leave him to do what he does as he does his job prefectly fine like that.  I remember seeing Ellen Whittaker on a Chestnut horse a few years back and the commentators were talking about her horse not going into an outline.  They were saying how she chooses not to force her horse into an outline as he was more balanced and did his job just as well without it.

I occasionally catch pictures of Shandy looking like he is in an outline but in reality he is doing his usual 'If I'm bored I will throw my head around' (He doesn't throw his head if he is having fun jumping or if I am keeping him for becoming bored).  If I were to pull his head up to stop him from leaning on my hands he would have a tantrum and I would land on the ground!

If your horse doesn't like keeping his head in one place and does the same job just as well without it don't force him!

2.  "If your horse is too strong then put a thin piece of wire in his mouth instead of bit" 

No I don't think so!  I really don't understand the whole 'hurt your horse and he will behave' thing!  You may think he is behaving but really he is terrified of you and could end up really hurting you to stop you hurting him!  Remember how big your horses is and how easily he could kill you but instead he tried his hardest not to hurt you.  I have actually seen this in person and the corners of the horse's mouth bleeding.  That REALLY annoyed me!  And again Shandy is very strong and I still keep him in a Neue Schule bit.  I have also been slowly learning him to slow to sound instead of having to pull the reins.

You can get the bit I use here - Neue Schule Tranz Lozenge 16mm Baucher  (If you would like to see a review of this bit then let me know!)

Neue Schule Bit I use on both of my horses!

3.  "If your horse is napping/bucking/rearing kick them on to go forward"

Noooooo, if your horse is doing any of the above then you should definitely not kick them on to go forward!  You should turn your horse in a circle as this makes the horse unbalanced and there for will have a much harder time trying to get you off!

4.  "If your horse bucks whip them on the bum!"

Firstly, I don't like people using whips on horses to actually whip them!  If they are used correctly they can be an extension of your leg for the more lazy horse (little taps to encourage them to move forward) but not if you are constantly hitting your horse hard!

The noise and the feeling of a whip will start to scare your horse, Shandy can't even see a whip without getting tense from past experiences!  (not from me I'd like to add).  Secondly if your horse is bucking and you hit or even tap him in the same place that they are letting out anxiousness, being excited, being angry or any other reason to buck then you are going to create another buck!!


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