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Monday, 15 August 2016

The Lazy Person's Guide To Horses!

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Have you had a unmotivated spell or are you just a lazy person but want to do more with your horses?  Well look no further!!

Most people that own horse's are either very motivated or have lots of time for their equine friend. That doesn't mean that a lazy person can't own horses, you just have to do it the right way!!

Horse's Daily Routine!

So if your horse is stabled there isn't much you can do about cutting down work but if like my horses, yours are only stabled during hot weather in the summer and at nights in the winter you will have hardly any mucking out in between.  Mucking out can put a downer on the thought of riding as it takes so much longer to muck out and then ride!

So in the months in between you can muck  out once and everyday that you want to ride or give your horse some well deserved attention then you will take them in, ride then put them back out.  This way you will only have to sweep up some loose hay!


If you struggle with grooming then only thing you need to remember is that there is always a reason for your horse to wear a rug!  Whether it is a heavyweight, full neck winder rug or a full neck fly rug there is always something!  Even more, you can get turn out boots LeMieux Turnout Boots and fly masks Masta Fly Mask Pony Face/Ears and Nose Cover or lycra face and neck hood Snuggy Hoods Jams Fleece Hood !


There are only a few ways to cut the time off of riding!  If you are short of time or are having a very lazy day but want to keep your horse fit and get their energy out you can lunge them with a lunging system!Kincade Lunging Training System .

Lunging by itself for 20 minutes can be the same as riding for up to an hour.  A lunging system just adds more work into it as it encourages them (and only encourages them if you use it correctly, a horse should never be forced into a position) to go into an outline which activates more muscles to be used.  If you want to get an actual ride done in a short amount of time then there is a few things you can do.

You can choose a warming up strategy that is faster than others.

Once warmer up you should use never doing the same thing!!  Work on changing pace, direction and areas of the school constantly.  Making the horse use his brain tires him out more and allows him to work faster, use more muscles and be mentally worn out which can all help with behaviour issues!

Before Warming Up! 

Lastly, when practicing for your choosen field in horse riding you should choose exercises that can be changed slightly and that are menatlly challenging for the horse.  For example, when I am practicing show jumping I will put a grid up.  I coose one that can be easily modified so we can work with that grid for the whole ride.  Grid work is a fast way to get a horse fit and thinking for showjumping.

After Warming Up! 

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