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Friday, 30 September 2016

6 Tools That Every Equestrian Should Use!

I have spent around 10 years finding what equestrian products work for me and which ones don't.  So I have a list of 6 products that I have loved over the years and continue to use on a daily basis.

1.  Metal curry comb!

A metal curry comb is basically all you need if your horse is caked in mud or losing his coat.  This product will make you throw away all other curry combs as you will fall in love with how fast it is to clean your horse!

2. Brush sponge!

A brush sponge is an awesome part of my grooming kit that a lot of people don't think about getting.  I think it is amazing for washing horses that need a good clean (or greys!!).  It is also really good if you don't have a hose and wash your horse with buckets of water.  Shampooing my horses with this brush is more fun than you'd think!

3.  Mane Thinner!

If you have a horse like mine who hates having his mane pulled and has the thickest mane possible then you definitely need this!  It is a 'comb' type shape and every tooth of this brush is actually little blades.  All you do is flip the mane over to the opposite side that it grows on and start brushing the mane with this comb.  You will notice A LOT of hair comes off and you should be careful not to over brush the same area.

4.  Lunging kit!

This piece of kit is something that I used to hate but I am now learning to love it!  The problem with the lunging kit is if it is used incorrectly it can become quite dangerous, I was definitely a little nervous the first few times I used mine.

The main reason I use this is because I need much more control over Shandy while lunging him.  So I started very slowly as to not scare Shandy by keeping the ropes very loose and working them up twice a session to getting tighter.  Also remember it is a good idea to warm your horse up with the ropes loose and tighten them as your horse warms up.

5. Rope Head Collar

The rope headcollar is something that I didn't try until around 3 years ago.  A Rope head collar helps if you have a horse that is hard to control, if your horse spooks a lot or if your horse is being trained.  I use one of Zoe as she is known to have a spook or get nervous when she cannot see Shandy which leads her to pull me around.

Shandy also occasionally wears one in the summer as he is very headstrong and wants his grass at the side of the paths :)

6. Lycra face + neck hood

This is one of my favourites from my horse's wardrobes!  I use it in the winter for a number of reasons and every year I am glad I have used it.  The main reason for me to use the hood is because it protects the mane from rugs rubbing.  Also, it keeps Shandy warm when he is clipped.  Be careful when turning your horse out while wearing a lycra hood as if the horse rolls it can cover their eyes.  The best way to avoid this is either only wearing in while stabled or finding a hood with huge eye holes so it can move around quite a lot before covering eyes!



  1. I personally find it disgusting that anyone would lunge their horse with that. If you have a good relationship with your horse, you should be able to circle them with just a rope and a stick. If you can’t do that, you need to work on it, not buy one of those torture devices! Forcing a horse to keep its head back like that is cruel and damaging to both your relationship and the horse both physically and emotionally.

    1. This is an old post and I do now agree with you and only ever use a lunge line to lunge. That being said I would never tighten the ropes they were always very loose. I used this more like reins and a saddle because he was hard to control and I had to start somewhere. This horse is my baby, I would never tie him into a shape that only effects his neck and not his whole body like it should be with good riding.

    2. You can see in the picture he can still put his head in any position he wants :)

    3. This is not forcing a horse to keep its head in you can see that there is still plenty of room for movement
      But it is encouraging the horse to emgage his back end and be a little mor subtle in his movements and much more rounded in the way the carry themselves and the rider

    4. Thank you! I don't use this equipment anymore but I think shaming other equestrians for using something CORRECTLY needs to stop. If these things are used correctly it is exactly the same as a rider holding the reins but people get caught up and what others say and watching people who don't know what they are doing.