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Thursday, 6 October 2016

20 Reasons Why I Own Animals And Why You Should Too!

I was thinking about all of the animals I own and why I have decided to have so many.  Of course, I live with my family at the moment so only 5 of the 14 animals are mine!

So I decided I'd give you give 20 reasons on why I own animals and why I think you should too!

1.  They are good company

2. They will make you smile

3. There is always a reason to be happy

4. They make you feel like they need you (which they do)

5.  They do not judge you

6.  They adopt your personality

7.  They reduce depression

8.  They forgive

9.  They comfort you when you are sad

10.  They miss you

11.  There is never a dull moment

12.  You are their life!

13.  They will always want to be around you

14.  There is an animal for whatever type of life you live!

15.  You can work with them instead of people!

16.  They are so cute!

17.  They are very helpful

18.  They keep you busy!

19.  Once you have one, you'll want more and more!

20.  Last but not least, they will be your best friend!


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