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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Polework For Your Horse - Lunging Edition!

After my last pole work post, I started thinking about when I use pole work the most.  So I have decided to show you a few pole work routines that I use when I lunge my horses!  

1.  The Arrow 

This one is good for horses that don't watch where they put their feet!  You will stand 15-20 ft away from where the arrow points and allow the horse to go over it a few different ways.  They won't  go the same way over the poles so they will have to watch their feet every time!

2.  The Cross

This is simple but it is a great way to start using pole work while lunging your horse.  Stand in the middle and get your horse to walk until they are used to it.  Then you can start trotting.  

3.  The Fan 

I have already mentioned this in the last pole work for your horse but this is also really good for lunging.  As lunging is a horse working in a circle this works well.  

4.  Round Pen 

If you don't have a round pen then this is a good alternative!  You can either put the poles on the ground to keep your horse in a circle or lift the poles onto jump standards to make a round pen!

5.  Free Jumping 

If you want to try some free jumping then this is the best layout to start with!  The poles used as a guide to keep the horse in a straight line and to avoid refusing can be put onto a smaller jump standard so you can have a lunging line attached to the horse.   

Start with three ground poles with a canter stride between each of them.  Then starting small, put the end pole up to make a small jump and eventually add a second pole to make an oxer!


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