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Saturday, 3 December 2016

10 Stocking Fillers For Riders And Horses!

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For The Horse!

1. The usual!  Carrots, apples, mints and Treats!

Your Horsey deserves a few yummy treats for Christmas!

2.  A new cosy face and neck hood!

Your horse will love an extra layer this winter!

3.  A massage glove!

With the Christmas holidays coming up, don't you think your horse would love to relax too?  My horses love their massage glove!

4.  A new Matching Sets!

Ummmm who doesn't love a matching set?!

QHP Passion Flower Matching Set!

5.  A New Headcollar and Lead Rope!

New year new headcollar right?  pretty present for your horse this Christmas for the new year!

For The Rider!

1.  A New Pair Of Winter Gloves!

Every equestrian needs new winter gloves for Christmas!

2.  A Pair Of riding Socks!

How many pairs of socks do you lose a year?  Riding socks are like gold on Christmas!

3. A New Riding Hat!

Every equestrian will know that the style of riding hats change quite often and after a year or two you will need a new one!  Not to mention safety is also a good reason to get a new hat once in a while!

4.  A new Pair of Boots!

Boots are something that I go through a lot of as they can get worn down quickly from day to day yard duties!  So here are my new ones, a perfect Christmas present!  

5.  A new Jacket!

Every equestrian needs a new jacket now and then!  I know I would be very happy to get a new horsey jacket! 


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