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Thursday, 1 December 2016

10 Things You Need At Your Stables!

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1.  Stable Tools!

At a yard, you are going to need a few stable tools!  The basic tools you will need are -

  •  a fork - depending on if you use shavings or straw you will need a different fork.
  •  brush
  •  snow shovel - a snow shovel (better than normal, metal ones!) to pick up pieces that you can't pick up with a fork.
  •  a rake - used to clean up outside the barn.

2.  Haynets!

One thing at the stables that you can't have enough of is haynets!  Some horses break haynets so easily and so you will have to replace them frequently!

3.  Rubber Matting!

This is quite useful for stables and fields.  Putting rubber matting into a stable means you can use less bedding.  Putting rubber matting in a field around the gate will reduce mud!

4.  Lockable Tack Storage!

This is good for livery yards but also at your own yard in case you are a victim of theft!  You can find good container suitable for storage at B and Q etc or you can buy one make for tack!  There is also a chance to build your own!

6.  Towels!!

Towels to me are important in the Scotish weather but they are handy for other reasons too!  It's nice to dry their face after they come in from the pouring rain or after they have had a bath in the colder weather!

8.  Wheelbarrow!

7.  Feed Bins!

If you give your horse a hard feed then bins are essential  for putting the feed bags into which helps with mice and rats!  You can also use old freezers.

9.   Grooming Kit!

10.  A kettle and other home goods!

Everyone knows that if you have horses you spend a lot of time with them!  To make yourself more confortable, get a kettle, microwave and some snacks and drinks.


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