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Sunday, 4 December 2016

5 Tips For Moving To A Livery Yard!

Tip Number 1

Write your name on EVERYTHING!  I have been at the same livery yard now for 8-9years and this is a major tip that I have learnt.  Sometimes people may have to borrow your headcollar if they can't find theirs and misplace it.  You may have the same rug as someone else.  It is so good to just write your name one everything to avoid losing/theft.

Tip Number 2

Keep everything tidy!  It is important that every owner at a livery yard keeps their own areas (stables, tackroom areas, feedroom area etc).  So unless you are having assisted livery or similar then keep your parts of the yard clean!

Tip Number 3

Have a lockable tack storage.

I'm not sure if it is just my yard but I have arrived at the yard to find someone using my sheepskin half pad without asking.  If people borrow something like a grooming brush your horse could get bacteria from another horse!  Anything expensive or health items should be kept in a lockable storage container.

Tip Number 4

Ask about ANYTHING if your not sure!  It is better to know what is aloud and not aloud than getting introuble about something that you weren't made aware of.  It is also a good idea to ask if you can get a contract that lays out all of the rules before arriving at the new yard!

Tip Number 5

Speak up if you do not agree to something!

In the first year of being at my current yard, I was told to move Shandy's stable 3 times!  This wouldn't have been too bad if Shandy wasn't so nervous about moving stables.  Eventually, I was told to move again and I disagreed so the yard manager worked something else out.



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