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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Build Your Own Stables - Barn Plans!

1.  5 Stalls

This is a basic stable plan for your place!  The five stalls make it roomy enough for most horse owners as well as the wash bay having three cross ties for grooming your horse!

It has a big tack room and feed room as well as a storage room for stable tools and a rug drier!

2.  four stalls with grooming and wash bay area

Four stalls is more than enough for me!  I love this design because of the circle wash bay!  It also has a separate grooming area so you don't take up the wash bay!  

Again, it has a nice sized feed room and tack room!

3,  six stalls with round pen and indoor school

I love this design!  I think it is such a good idea to put an indoor school, stalls and a round pen in the same barn!  

There is also still enough room for your wash bay, feed room and tack room!  

4.  Double barn

This is my favourite!  With twelve stalls this is more of a business type barn!  It includes the usualy tack room, feed room and wash bay with the option to replace the stalls with something else!  

The best part is the indoor school which you can access without going outside!


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