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Monday, 5 December 2016

How to build a Lockable Tack Storage!

A lockable tack locker with a matching set holder is something I have wanted to make for a long time and now that I have I don't know why I didn't do it earlier!

1. Firstly we cut the 45" for the four vertical corners of the frame.

2. Then cut six pieces for the frame.  These will be for the six depth pieces.

3. Make the frame by screwing the pieces together.  

4. Add the middle section that makes the shelf.

5. Add the backing.  We originally used boards but changes to chipboard instead.  Then we added boards to the sides as the are seen more!

6. For making the door we measured the inside frame where the door is to go, cut the 4 pieces to fit then screwed them together!

7. Then we cut small pieces of boards to the measurement of the height of the doors and screwed then onto the inside of the door.  

This is what the door should look like when closed!  

(Add your lock, handle and hinges now)

8.  You will then screw on the small chains so that the door won't fall all the way down when it is opened.

9.  Next we built up a platform for the draw to sit on.  We did this so it wouldn't get stuck on the door.  We also built 'walls' on each side so the draw wouldn't fall to any side!

10.  We then made the draw!  I wanted to make one frame with two shelfs.

As I am storing bandages and boots in this draw we put some same pieces of wood on each side of the shelfs to keep the items on the shelf!

This is the draw slotted into the flatform.  

11. We then added a shelf on the top cupboard.  

Once you have done this you are finished with your tack storage!


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