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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Pick Of Affordable Products For This Winter!

*this Post Contains Affiliate links, read more about amazon affiliate links here*

1.  Yard Gloves!

Yard gloves are essential for winter time as they provide warmth and clean your hands clean for all of that mud!

2.  Grooming Kit

Everyone know that winter time means very muddy legs, head and belly!  I love to get a new grooming kit in the winter!

3.  Heavy weight outdoor rug

This is quite a staple in our yard!  If your horse needs a rug then you can get affordable heavy weight rug like this one!

4.  Heavyweight Indoor rug

Again, you can get affordable indoor heavyweight like this one!
5.  Exercise Sheet

Perfect if your horse is clipped, I love to match this with my saddle pad!  It's brilliant for hacks or getting your horse into work.

6.  Stable Toy

Stable toys are perfect for a bored horse that cannot get out because of ice!  It will keep them entertained for hours!


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