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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Pole Work - Show Jump Training!

I think show jump training is all about turns, pace and making sure the horse is ready to jump any jump that you point him to instead of locking onto the first one he sees!

1. Turning -  Circle jumping!

I love this exercise as it requires the horse to be collected and to be able to jump at an angle!  Jump offs aren't always about galloping the course (this can actually make your time slower!).  A good jump off is going from fast paces to collection to turns to jumping on an angle!

 2.  Turning - Figure of eight!

This one is really good again for turning and teaching your horse to jump at an angle.

3.  Multiple jumps!

A good exercise for being able to jump in different directions and in different orders.  

4. Which Jump?

This is a great exercise for a horse that locks onto jumps!  Riding to the same jump a few times that changing to a different one will really help your horse!


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