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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Equestrian's Winter : How To Save Money This Winter!

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Horses can be very expensive all year but winter is a whole different story!  So I have a few tips to save money!

1.  Buy supplies through the year!

Buying a bale of shavings or a bale of straw once a week or whenever you can is an easy way to save yourself money over the winter time!

2.  Research for products online!

I have found that rugs and other yard supplies are cheaper on amazon but researching the product before you buy is a good way to save money!  You can also find comparision sites to help out.

3.   Do as much as you can yourself!

If you are able to turn out, muck out and bring your horse in it will take the spending down a lot!  Turn out at my livery yard is £5 a week per horse and that can add up!  I would also recommend asking another person at the yard if they coulf put your horses out and you will take their horse in or something similar.  

4.  Contact farmers or timber companies for bedding!

 If you want to use the cheapest bedding then I would recommend using straw as bedding.  As long as your horse doesn't eat the straw (which can cause impacts) then it is a good options for smaller budgets.

I use shavings and phone up the local timber company to find the best deal!


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