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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Barn Plans Part 2 - Finding The Perfect Barn Layout!

1.  All In One Barn!

I can tell you now that if I get the chance to build my own barn, this will be what I go for!  I love barns that combine the indoor arena and the stable block in one but I feel like this is the perfect layout for me with a good amount of stables, a wash bay, tack room, feed room, indoor muckheap and a foaling box!  The foaling box could be used as an indoor holding arena for youngsters or horses that prefer to stay in a herd!

2.  The Round Barn!

This is a pretty cool barn!  It saves a lot of room and you will still get a lot of stables!  You still get the essentials which are the wash bay, tack room and feed room.  You can also use the middle space in a cool way such as a horse walker, a round pen, grooming stations or anything else that would fit it!

3.  U-Shaped Stable Block!

My current livery yard has a normal barn and one of these!  I actually chose this over the usual barn because I wanted to try something different!  I really love this design!  My U-shaped stable block has a fence and two gates at the opening.  This is great for bad weather days as you can let your horses walk around the whole space!

4.  Small Stud farm barn!

I think this is a pretty good plan for a small stud!  The stallion stable doors are away from the mares without making it feel like they are trapped, ten mare stables and four huge foaling boxes!  You could easliy double the size!  

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