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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

5 Things You Need At Your Stable Part 2!

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1. A Rake

Having a rake nearby where you keep your hay and bedding is a must!  I have been using one for a few months now and I couldn't be without it!  I am someone who really hates long pieces of hay and straw getting stuck to my broom so this helps with this!  I use the rake to tidy most of the hay and straw up then sweep the small pieces with the broom!

2.  Lint Roller

I use a lint roller to clean my horse's hair off of everything!  Use it to clean saddle pad in between washes, clean the inside of rugs when you take them off and clean your clothes from hair before you leave the stables!

3.  A shedding tool!

A shedding tool is very useful for thick coated ponies and horses.  It also comes in handy when your horse is shedding and all of the hair sticks to their rug!

4. Hay Bar!

I love hay bars!  It saves time filling hay nets, there is much less space and it is better for your horse!  It lets the horse eat in a more natural position and stop them from pulling at the hay net.  This stops horses from gaining muscles in the bottom of their neck instead of a top line,

5.  Hoof Rasp!

This is an easy to use tool that is perfect of barefoot horses in between farrier visits!  Barefoot horses can sometimes get rough 'toes' and this tool lets you file these edges down without calling the farrier for a quick rasp!  


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