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Monday, 13 February 2017

Keep The Memory Of Your Horse Forever - 5 Tips!

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Any equestrian that has lost their best four-legged friend will tell you how hard it is and how much their want to keep them forever!  So I have five tips on how to keep the memory of your horse forever!

1.  Take a Mould for your horse's hoof!

I think this is such a good idea for your horse just now as well and keeping a memory of them!  I love this kit made for babies, the copper/bronze coloured paint makes it even better for me!  Grab a cast of your horse's hoof and make this cool picture frame!

2.  Get a bracelet made from your horse's tail!

This is something I think most horse owners are aware of but I thought I'd mention it anyway!  Take a cut of your horse's tail when you are saying goodbye and either get a bracelet made for you or make it yourself!  It can be a very sad moment but it is worth making the memory!

3.  Collect pictures of you and your horse for a frame!

Along with your framed hoof cast if it a good idea to find the best pictures of you and your horse and buy a multiple picture frame to put them all together!

4.  Keep a copy of your horse's passport!

A passport has all of the information that your horse had from a young age.  I love to kept a copy of the passport after a horse passes so you can remember the little details.

5.  Create a memory corner in your tack room!

Take everything you have collected, a few horsey fairy lights and a rocking chair and create a corner in your tack room.  This can be a place you can go when you are missing your horse and want to have some time out.


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