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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pasture Paradise - Four Layouts!

1.  Simple Pasture Paradise Layout!

This design is perfect for horse owners who want to convert their normal paddock into fun for the horses!  It has a shelter off to the side as to not take up any space in the field, a path around the outside of the pasture and a sand pit for rolling and resting!

It also has a cobblestone patch to keep the horse's hooves healthy, steps to help cure boredom and three openings to the grazing area.

It is also a good idea to have a small pond or water area and some horse safe trees and bushes!  I have also placed two hay feeders in the path area to avoid making the ground muddy.

2.  Space saving Pasture Paradise!

This is perfect for horse owners who have a selection of horses that cannot graze together.  One shelter in the middle of the four fields to saving money!  Every pasture is the same and they all include the following -

1.  Pond area
2.  Sandpit for rolling and resting
3.  Cobblestone to keep hooves healthy
4.  Hay feeder in path area
5.  Two entries into each grass area
6.  Three steps to help with boredom.

You could also mix and match some of the other Pasture Paradise layouts I have mentioned to accommodate for different types of horses!

3.  Grazing restriction Pasture Paradise!

Some horses need restricted grazing and it can be a little sad seeing a horse stuck in a tiny field bored out of their mind!  So I have created a layout for that type of horse!  It contains all of the usually things I include except the grass area in much smaller!  Aswell as this it has two hey feeders far apart which helps the horse to keep active in between eating!

4.  Adventure Pasture Paradise!

This is perfect for younger horses or horses that tend to get bored, gallop about and injury themselves!  Having a different layout in each grazing area, the horse has to walk through little areas of water and having openings to grazing areas in different spots for each!

It still has all of the usual trees and bushes, cobblestone and rolling patches as well and a shelter!


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