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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Pole Work For Horses - Full Course Training

The next step in pole work is to start jumping full courses.  I have included a few exercises to help get your lines straight and get turns right!


These are basically the same exercises but one is a little harder than the other.  The first exercise requires you ride straight after the first jump then slightly turn into another straight line to go over the second jump!

The Second exercise starts with jumping the first jump at a angle to the left then take a swooping corner back the the second jump!


The first exercise will help your horse to be able to collect to the vertical, stretch out up to the oxer and collect back up to the second vertical.  

The second exercise will help your horse not to become flat  after a wide jump.  Set up a triple bar and a vertical a few strides in front.  

The Third exercise helps your horse to stop getting so flat, set up a oxer, a vertical and another oxer with a few strides in between each.  


Next is the full courses!  This first course is the easiest one with simple turns and combinations.  Take this course slowly at first to get your turns right then you can take it in one go.  You can easily make a jump off out of this course.   


This last course is more difficult so again start slowly.  It has tighter turns and more difficult combinations.  For a jump off follow this route - 1, 2, 7.a, 7.b, 8, 9. 


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