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Friday, 31 March 2017

4 Things You Need To Do Before Getting a New Horse

1.  Organise Where You Are Keeping Your Horse

Your own place or a livery yard?  Finding somewhere to keep your horse is the first thing you should organise after buying a horse!  If you are looking for a livery yard a few things to think about are your budget, location, facilities and your horse's needs.  Of course, if you have a low budget then having a full livery the only yard isn't going to be helpful!  When you go to see a yard remember to make sure it is safe for your horse, for example, check the stables and the fields for anything that your horse could get hurt on.   

2.  Find Health Professionals

This is actually a little more hard than it sounds.  Don't go with the first or closest vet you can find, I have a different vet for house animals than my horses.  Ask around for the best-recommended professionals in your area! 

3.  Get Supplies

It is a good idea to buy some basic supplies for you and your new horse.  Not many people have the budget to go out and buy everything but you should pick up a rug or two, a saddle pad, bridle, headcollar and lead rope, riding hat and boots, boots for your horse, haynets, buckets and more!  There are a lot of things that you will need to the basics will do until you slowly grow your collection.  

4. Organise Getting Your Horse Home

Work out how your horse will come home!  If you are getting the owner to drop him off, picking him up yourself or paying a company to pick him up then you will need to organise the times, payments and a vet if your horse requires one to travel!


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