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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing Now - Equestrian Tips!

There are a lot of things that some equestrians do that annoy others and vice versa!  I think the main thing should not be other people but caring for your horse!  So I have decided to give you all some equestrian tips on things that are important but some people don't know!  

1.  Stop washing your horse's legs in the winter! 

This is something that has caused a lot of debate and arguments so here is the truth!  While it has been proven that washing your horse's legs in the winter does not cause or make mud fever worse there are two reasons why you still shouldn't.  Firstly, in my experience, it actually does cause mud fever!  I am not sure if it is just my horses but the constant wet and drying of the skin causes dryness and cracks.  Secondly, would you like to be hosed by freezing cold or even warm water in the winter weather?  I wouldn't!  

I have been told that I should anyway as how do I know whether my horse has cuts underneath the mud?  Well, I know my horses and I check for cuts when I groom!  If they have a serious enough cut then they will show pain and if not then the usually the check over that you should do on your horse every day will make you notice it. 

2.  Stop usually a harsh bit!

I am not going to lie I have used a more harsh bit when I first started riding Shandy.  I was small and weak and he was untrained, strong and leant on my hands!  I can tell you that a harsh bit made no different at all!  What does make a difference is training and schooling your horse!  Shandy is not a trainable horse as he would rather do what he likes than what I ask him to do so I have played about with my seat and aids o find what works for him.

3.  Stop being so unfriendly!  

One of the most known thing about equestrians is that they aren't the most friendly people ever.  I'm not sure why but a lot of people at shows are very competitive and won't smile or talk to others!  I think people should find competitions fun and be friendly to everyone else!

4.  Stop Blaming Your Horse!

One thing that I see too often is riders blaming and punishing their horse for a mistake that wasn't their fault!  Remember that a horse is only as good as you train him to be!  Horses don't train themselves and they do have bad days as every person does.  Sobe kind and patient and you will see a big difference in the way your horse acts.    

5.  Stop Using A Whip Negatively!

 A whip is designed to be an extension of your leg.  It is used in dressage for lateral work and is not designed to whip your horse if they misbehave or do something wrong!  A horse has extremely sensitive skin so whipping a horse will hurt the skin and cause it to swell.  An extremely sensitive horse will not put up with being whipped and will usually try to get you off.



  1. Bits and whips shouldn't be used anyway. I don't care if a bit is harsh or not its still hurting the horse the same with whips. I accept whips being used only for directional purposes not for punishments.

    1. I completely agree, I ride bit-less but may people won't even consider it! My horse Shandy, was beated when I got him so it has really taught me how terrified horse's get from someone using a whip for punishment.

      The Rider'sReins