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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Advanced Pole Work - Pole Work For Your Horse


Prefect for horses that need direction and find in difficult to keep balanced while changing gait and changing direction!  You can ride in a figure of 8 by going down the middle, turning right and following the poles before going down the center again!  Then change by going the opposite way up the center and again turning right and following the canter poles before going back up the center trotting poles!


This is perfect for horses that need to watch their feet and concentrate more.  There are multiple ways to use this layout, going down the center, going left or right over the two canter poles before going back down the center.  You can also go over the center piece from the side or follow the outside canter poles in a circle.


This is all about having your horse listen to you and not decide for you!  Ride the top pole and decide which direction you want to go in!  Either go right, left of down the middle!  If you choose one of the sides you can follow the circle back to the first trotting pole.


This one is good for the horse that doesn't watch his feet enough and touches poles.  It is pretty simple to ride, you will just follow the poles in any direction you choose and your horse will have to do most of the work!  As the middle is layered, some poles are raised slightly making it a little more difficult.


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