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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Build your Own Barn -Stall Layouts!

There are loads of barn plans for horses but not many on stall layouts! I love to plan my stalls out and move around the layout until it suits the horse!  All horses are different and I have found that change the plan, location and size of a stall helps some horses a lot!  So here are four stall layouts that can be made to any size.  

1.  The traditional 

This is the one you will see the most.  A normal front facing stall with a centre door and a hay bar or hay net in the corner.  I like to have an automatic water drinker in the opposite corner away from hay and bedding.  

I prefer a hay bar instead of hay nets as it encourages a natural grazing posture!  A feed manger that can be rotated is perfect for quick feeding!  

2.  Side Facing Stall

This can be good for a horse that gets intimidated with other horses or people walking past the stall because the horse will usually be standing away from the door.  With the hay bar in the middle, water drinker in the left corner and feed manger in the right corner.  Each stable is complete with a rubber kickboard around the stall for safety!

3.  The Round Stall

This stall is great for a foaling box as there are no corners to get stuck in while foaling!  The whole box is cover in bedding for comfort and it is easy to clean with being round.  It also contains a hay bar as haynets are extremely discouraged in a foaling box!

4.  The Corner Stall!

Everyone has seen this on Pinterest so I had to do a plan with this shape!  Loats of room at the front of the stall allows an active horse to move around more.  The door is in the centre with a rotating feed manger and water drinker on the left side.  The ride side is taken up wth a hay bar or hay net!  


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