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Monday, 13 March 2017

Grooming Products On A Budget - Horse Care Under £10!

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1.  Hoof Brush! 

A simple hoof brush of medical or for grooming!

Price - £1.99

2.  Hoof Pick!

I'm not sure if it is just me but I always lose my hoof picks and have to go buy another one!  These are cheap and good quality so when I lose the next one I will be buying this product!  

Price - £1.99

3.  Plaiting bands! 

I love using these and believe me, if you have a horse you need them whether you show or not!  I like to plait my horses tails to keep it tangle and mud free.  I also plait manes if they are wild of I am training it to stay on the right side! 

Price - £.0.98

4.  Plaiting Tape!

This is something that you will need if you show your horses!  Plaiting tape is ideal if you want to neaten up those plaits and finish off the look!  

Price - £1.00

5.  Rubber Brush!

Perfect for a shedding coat and fora very dirty horse!  This is the main brush that I use to get to caked on mud off of my horses!

Price - £1.44
6.  Sponge!

Having a big sponge to wash your horse is vital!  They can also be used for other things like washing buckets, windows, spot cleaning your horse and more!  

Price - £1.99

7.  Grooming Gloves!

These are good if you are having a lazy day and still have to groom the horses!  It is also good forgiving you horse a massage after riding or if your horse is tense!  

Price - £7.99

8.  Face Brush!

Get Mud and dust off of your horses face with this little brush!  It is designed to be small and to be used on the face!

£ - 2.49

9.  Hard Brush!  

Good for getting dirt and dust from the skin and coat.  It has short and long brisles which means that it will clean the coat and clean the skin!  

Price - £2.90 


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