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Monday, 6 March 2017

Horse Supplements On A Budget - Horse Care Under £10!

*This post contains affiliate links, read more about amazon affiliate links here*

Feeding your horse supplements can really help their overall health but supplements are expensive! I have found some pretty good deals on amazon that I thought I'd share with you to ensure you don't overpay!  Also, completely research supplements as they can cause lasting bad effects if feed wrongly, don't trust every feed company!

1.  1 kg Plastic Container 

Not a supplement but good for products send in bags inside of tubs!  £1.99 for a tub that holds 1kg of product sounds good to me!  

2.  Seaweed Supplement

A seaweed supplement for horses is great for Skin, to coat and hoof care!  It contains lots of minerals that are very good for your horse.
It is recommended to only use if your horse is in a very high workload or your horse has a deficiency in iodine.  There for it is important to feed very small amounts as one 50 g scoop of the supplement contains around 40-60 mg of iodine which is not a safe amount for a horse that is already getting iodine through forage.  For this reason feeding your horse a scoop of 1 ml -5 ml is safe for your horse.

Serving - 1 ml - 5 ml scoop

Price - £3.44

3.  Superior Micronised Linseed

This supplement is perfect for getting you horse shining!  IT has a good source of omega oils and essential fatty and amino acids.  This makes it great for getting your horse show ready or if you have a horse with an unhealthy coat or hooves.  Feed your pony 30 g a day or for a horse it is 50 g a day!  

Serving - 30 g for a pony or 50 g for a horse.  

Price - £3.49 

3.  Sun Flower Oil 

Sunflower oil is a much better supplement that cod liver oil.  A oil like this is great for body conditioning, reliving joint pain, help energy levels and provides essential fattys acids which your horse cannot produce on their own.

You should buy an unprocessed oil that has not heat treated.  If you are looking to buy sunflower oil for any of the other benefits then a oil from a normal shop (like the one below).

Serving - 150 g for a horse in light work.
              300 g for a horse is heavy work.

Price - £8.86

4.  Limestone Flour 

Perfect for youngsters or horses who have bone or hoof problems.  Great for breeding yards as foals and yearlings require a lot of calcium to grow well and develop healthy, strong bones.  If you have a horse who has very bad hooves then this should be fed along with a biotin supplement to see good results.  You can also feed this to horses that have had a bad start to life or that have some sort of bone problems.  

Serving - 60 ml 

Price - £7.95

5. Devil's claw root 

Good for horses with joint problems or as a natural painkiller.  It is an anti-inflammatory so it will settle down pain or joint and bone problems.  It is geared towards the skeleton of the horse so any horse's with bone, joint or inflammatory problems then they will definitely benefit from this supplement.  Good for older horses and as a natural version of bute.

Serving - 15 ml for ponies.
              30 ml for horses.

Price - £11.90


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