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Friday, 10 March 2017

Paddock Paradise - Part 2!

1.  Limited Grazing Paddock Paradise!

This perfect for horses that gain weight easily or have laminitis!  Walking from the entry gate, it is not easy to get to the grass area!  It requires going upstairs, through the water and over cobblestone!  It is much more easy to get to the hay holder which the owner can control!  

2.  Multiple Paddock Paradise With Limited Ground!  

First one is a usual paddock paradise for the normal horses with a big grazing area, hay corner and recreated natural grounds.  

Second paddock paradise is for the bored, young horse!  The grazing area is split into three parts with lots of natural grounds in between!  It provides lots of interaction and exploring to help let young horses live in a natural environment!  

The Last one is another limited grazing in a different layout!  It is again not easy to get to the small grazing area with lots of walking and interaction!  It is much more likely that the horse will go to they hay corners!  You can also close the gate to the grass so they are allowed outside but still have restricted eating.  

3.  Wild Environment Paddock Paradise!  

This is perfect for if you have wild horses or if you want to turn your horses away!  It contains a waterfall and the usual pond all connected by a small stream system! Lots of trees around the outer area helps to cut off the paddock from the real world giving in a more wild feel!  Paths to each area a made in a natural way for the horses to follow and lots of grass for grazing!  

4.  Herd Grazing and Stabling Paddock Paradise!

This is an alternative way to stable a lot of horses!  Having an open large barn connected to a field allows the stable feeling of a horse being trapped in a small stable!  Horses prefer to be in a herd and together as some of a herd in the wild sleep while the other keep watch.  It means there is still an option to go into the barn which should have a thick cover of straw bedding and feeding area.  Having the paddock in the usual paddock paradise manner makes this layout on of the best I can think of!


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