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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spring Cleaning At The Yard - 5 Tips!

1.  Winter Rug washing

The thing I get most excited to do in spring is send my winter rugs away to get washed!  I look getting clean rugs back and putting them back into rug bags and storing then until next winter!  Winter rugs get muddy out in the field and also in the stable when the horse lies down to sleep.


2.  Cleaning Out The Tack Room

The tack room can also get quite messy from the winter!  The floor gets muddy, tack gets dirty, brushes need a good wash and saddle pads, boots and fly veils need a clean!

I start by re organizing my tack room by taking everything out and separating the clean things from the dirty.  I clean out draws and storage areas, I wash the dirty things and put them away with the rest of the clean things.  I finally brush then wash the floor on the tack room.

3.  Disinfecting stables

Disinfecting stables is something I do at the start of each season.  I take all bedding out and take the rubber matting out.  I use a broom, water and disinfect to scrub the rubbing matting on each side.  Then I do the same to the stable floor and walls!  I let it all dry then put the mats back in and fill with bedding!

4.  Paint Stables

Painting the stables in something that doesn't need to be done too often but I like to do it once a year!  Make sure to use no-toxic paint!  You can also use this opportunity to fix broken things like fence posts and squeaky doors.

5.  Clean Out The Feed Room

The feed room is similar to the tack room in that it is mostly cleaning the floors, washing and disinfecting everything!  You will first have to empty feed buckets and wash them out with disinfectant.  Now move everything out of the room and sweep the floor and wash it.  Put everything back in it's place and you are done!    


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