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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

5 Reasons Why Livery Yards Cause Panic Attacks!

Keeping your horse at a livery yard can be a great thing, you get to use amazing facilities, ride with friends, pay for what you need done and get lessons at the yard from professionals!  There are, however, lots of disadvantages for keeping your horse at a livery yard!  Today I'll share some reasons that livery yards can cause anxiety for riders and their horses!   

  1.  Rider's with anxiety can feel intimidated by others watching them ride! 

I can tell you from experience of having anxiety, riding in front of others can feel intimidating!  If you don't feel confident with your riding skills or if your horse is misbehaving then it is quite often to almost feel embarrassed.  Riders with anxiety can feel like this all the time making livery yards not the most suitable place for riding.   

  1.  An anxious horse can become stressed if moved about too often.   

One general disadvantage of livery yards is that your horse tends to be moved to different fields, moved stables and moved from one herd to another.  Now if you have a naturally anxious horse then you know they need the same routine every day to be kept sane!  You will not want them moved about constantly or having their routine changed! 

  1. Having people judge the way you look after your horse! 

You may know that you look after your horse to highest levels and provide every need they may have but other people always have a different opinion!  When you have anxiety you will start to feel like everyone has the opinion that you don't look after your horse properly when in reality, everyone cares for their horses differently!   

  1. What if the yard own gets me in trouble 

For anxious people, it can be a very scary thought to get in trouble!  We often think that people against us and we complain about us to the yard owner daily!  In reality, they probably think they same about us!  It will turn you into a crazy cleaning and caring freak to avoid negative situation!   

  1. When things go wrong you panic more! 

Things go wrong with horses sometimes!  They escape, throw you off or get ill!  Now, these situations are stressful enough but my bystanders it can make you a lot more anxious!  People can overreact and cause a bigger scene than needed.  Of course, there are a lot of times where people are a great help but you can stop the feeling of being a little anxious.  If you are anxious about the thought of falling off in front of others then it is not a good idea to go to a busy livery yard with over ten other horse owners!    

To wrap up, livery yards are great for a lot of things and help owners out but if you are an anxious person then there are certain situations can make you panic!  Remember that everyone is different and some people may find a busy yard reassuring!  


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