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Thursday, 18 May 2017

5 Steps To Grooming Your Horse Like A Professional!

So this is a little review of Le Mieux grooming brushes although I also want to show you how I learnt to groom like a professional!

I got this Le Mieux grooming kit for a Christmas present so I have had a few months to try it out.  This is, by far the best grooming kit I have ever had!  The brushes are amazing quality and I have learned quickly that they include the perfect collection of brushes to make grooming a breeze!  

So here are the steps to groom your horse like a professional!

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1.  Le Mieux Flick Brush

Use this brush to flick off the hard, dried mud or sweat.  You can use this over the whole body although I choose to only use it on patches of mud.  This brush will break up the mud but will not take the dust off.  This is where the next steps come into play.  Ensure you use a flicking motion with your wrist to get the best result.  You can also use a circular motion.  

2.  Le Mieux Horse Whisk (polypropylene)

I use this brush to go over the whole body.  The stage will bring the dust to the top of the coat so it may make the horse look worse.  Don't worry about this as the next stage fixes this.  The brush goes down lower and will take dust from deep in the coat.  
Ensure you use a flicking motion with your wrist to get the best result.  

3.  Le Mieux Horse Whisk (Horse Hair)

This step is what will make the shine come out!  Spray a little bit of *coat shine* onto the Horse Whisk brush (optional) and then start brushing.  Brushing the whole body, you will notice that this brush will pick up and flick off all of the dust and make your horse look like it has just had a bath!  

Ensure you use a flicking motion with your wrist to get the best result.  

4.  Le Mieux Goats Hair Brush (Small)

Use this small brush to flick off dust and hair from the horses face being careful around the eyes.  This is a very soft brush so it is suitable for the horse's face.  

5.  Le Mieux Mane & Tail Brush 

Finish off the groom with brushing the mane and tail.  Use some *Mane & Tail detangler spray* then, once brushed use a shine spray.  

Used in these steps, grooming your horse will become a breeze and your horse will look show ready!


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  1. Can you please show the brushes you are using in each photo? They look the same from the back. Thank you!