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Friday, 23 June 2017

6 Things You Need In Your Horse's Field!

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Electric Fence Gate

Starting with the essentials,  these little things are great if you can putting a temporary fence without a real gate.  Attach them to a piece electric fence tape and put the hook onto the corner of the electric tape.

Electric Fence Posts 

Every Equestrian knows what these are!  Cheap, easy to use temporary fence posts.  If you have a destructive pony or horse then may don't use these as they can break or push over easily.  

Electric Tape

These can be used for a number of things!  Split the field in half, take it along the original fence to save rugs from barb wire or make a temporary field.  

Electric System 

This is essential if you do use electric fencing.  Without this unit, your horse will push through the fence and all of your work will be for nothing!  It's a little sad to me to electrocute my horse but it is a quick zap and they won't go near it again!

Automatic Water Drinker

Who wants to carry water buckets or containers all the way up to the field?  If you have to opportunity to have automatic water in your fields then get one that can be placed under the fence and supply water to two fields!  

Feed Bucket Holder

This is my favourite!  If your horses are out and need feeding in the field then attach some of these to some fence posts around the field.  Then you can simply put the bucket in over the fence!  The horses will start to know what space is theirs and will wait for you to come to them.  


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