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Monday, 19 June 2017

Why You Need You Change Your Horses Summer Routine Now!

My Youtube Video

Yes, that's right!  I have put my first video up on youtube.  Today I will give you a little run through of the video and then you can watch it yourself.

The video is all about what I do in a day at the yard.  Clearly, this is a very small view of my day but you will get a picture.

I start by mucking out (which I didn't film), took the horses in and grooming them in the wash bay.  I then get Shandy's lunging gear on and take him to the school.

Shandy gets lunging for a few weeks before I start riding him if he has been out of work which is why I wasn't riding!

I then take him down to the stables, give him another groom and leave him in the stable during the day.

Later I will go back to the horse, put their fly rugs on and put them out.

Why This Schedule Works?

Why use the same summer schedule as me?  It's pretty simple, at summer time the heat, sun and flies can cause problems for horses!  Take them in before 11 am and leave them in until at least 4 pm.

This is also great considering you can ride the horse at any point in the day which is a big bonus.


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