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Monday, 24 July 2017

5 Things You Need In Your Tack Room!

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links, read more about amazon affiliate links here*

1.  Rug Storage

Keep all of your horse's rugs organised with this rug holder!  This is a cheaper version of the normal rug holder meaning you can get more and have a whole wall full of rugs!  (definitely my dreams!)

2.  Saddle Rack and Bridle holder

Clearly you will have at least one saddle and bridle in your tack room which needs a holder!  

3.  Storage and Shelves

Smaller things that would get lost in storage or that you use often should go onto shelves and bigger things go into storage units.  

4.  Riding Hat Holder

Riding hats need a lot of care to ensure they aren't damaged.  This means dumping your hat into a storage box isn't the best idea so grab one of this and show case you hat even when you aren't wearing it!  

5.  Health Care Cabinet

I like to keep my horse's health care product separate from everything else.  Use a cabinet like this or even better, you can get second hand refrigerated display units that would be great!


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