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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How To Get Your Horse Back Into Work in 4 Weeks!

Week One of Horse Training

This week You should start off slowly doing lunging and walk only riding.  There should also always be a break in-between days to give the horse a chance to recover.

Your Schedule should look like this -

Monday - Lunge For 5 minutes on each rein, mostly walking with a bit of trot.

Tuesday - Day off

Wednesday - Lunge for 5 minutes on each rein, walk for 3 minutes and trot for 2 minutes on each rein.

Thursday - Day off

Friday - Walk only riding for 20 minutes

Weekend - Days off

Week Two of Horse Training

In week two we can start to progress to working more at the trot.  Again, have a day off in between workdays so your horse's muscles can recover.

Monday - Lunge for 10 minutes on each side, walk for 5 mins and trot for 5 minutes.

Tuesday - Day off

Wednesday - Ride at the walk and short bursts of a trot.

Thursday - Day off

Friday -  Lunge for 10 minutes each side, Walk for 4 minutes and trot for 6 minutes on each rein.

Weekend - Days off

Week Three of Horse Training

Monday - Riding, 15 minutes walking and 15 minutes trotting.

Tuesday - Day Off

Wednesday - Lunging for 10 minutes each side, walking for 4 minutes and trotting for 6 minutes.

Thursday - Day Off

Friday - Riding, 15 minutes walking and 15 minutes trotting.

Weekend - Days off or lunging/riding on one day.

Week Four of Horse Training

Monday - Riding up to 40 minutes.  Introduce cantering in short bursts.

Tuesday - Day off 

Wednesday - Lunge for 10 minutes on each side, introducing canter in short bursts. 

Thursday - Day off 

Friday - Riding with adding canter fully to the session.  

Weekend -  Days off or ride/lunge.  



  1. Thank you for a good four weeks plan. When you say riding 15 minutes walking and 15 minutes trotting, do you mean 15 minutes trotting without break?

    1. Thank you! Yes, sorry for not being specific, I mean total amount of time. So break the trot up with lots of walking.


  2. Thank you for your answer. I'm looking forward to begin on your 4 weeks plan 👍😊