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Monday, 10 July 2017

5 Steps To Trim Your Horse For A Show!

Tools That You Will Need!

  • Mane Thinner 
  • Comb + Brush 
  • Scissors 
The 5 Steps I take!  

1.  Trim The Horse's Ears

The first step I take is to trim my horse's ears.  You should pinch his ears together and trim along the line of his ear.  I find it must more easy to use scissors but if your horse doesn't mind clippers then feel free to use those for a neater appearance!

2.  Trim beard!

Shandy gets a longish beard and so I like to trim this but I avoid the whiskers!  A horses whiskers are very important as they help the horse move around in the dark etc without walking into anything so keep them on!  I use a comb and scissors to completely remove his beard.

3.  Trim The Mane 

Next is the mane.  So I will firstly cut a bridle path.  This is easy as you will section the forelock off, section off an inch wide piece of mane in between the forelock and majority of the mane.  Then you cut the section you have as close as you can safely.

4. Now we are going to thin and shorten the mane.

Shandy will not let me pull his mane so I use this hair thinner and scissors.  I flip the hair to the opposite side that it grows on and brush the thinner through the mane.  Brush this comb through the hair until you are happy with the thickness.  

You should know two things about this thinner is that the mane must be brushed well before you use it and there will be a lot of hair coming off!

Flip the hair back over and brush the hair again.  Then, taking a comb and scissors, pull the comb through the hair until you get to the length you want the mane to be.  Use the scissors to cut the mane in a natural way.  To do this point the scissors straight up and cut the hair with the tips of the scissors as shown.  

5.  Trim the feathers!

Like you did with the comb and scissors for the mane, trim the feathers to the length that you like or the length that is recommended for your type of horse.

6.  Cut The Tail

Brush the horses tail then wrap the whole tail around the hock (this it the perfect length for a horse's tail!).  Make note of the length you have found, unwrap the tail and cut.  Cutting a horse's tail can be difficult if the horse has a very thick tail like Shandy.   


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