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Friday, 28 July 2017

Why You Need To Try Grid Work With Your Horse!

*Remember to set up the grid with ground poles to ensure the striding is right.  Every horse is different and it can be dangerous assuming the horses strides.*


This grid involves trotting poles, a bounce and a oxer.  

Come to the grid at trot, go over the trotting poles and break into a canter at the second pole.  There is then one stride to the bounce.  After the bounce there is a canter stride to a ground pole then another canter stride to the oxer.  


Approach this grid at canter.  There is a ground pole leading the first jump, then there is a canter stride to three canter poles.  Lastly there is a canter stride to an oxer.  


approaching at trot, go over the trotting poles and jump the bounce giving leg to break into canter through the bounce.  You will then have a canter stride to and oxer then a canter stride to a up right.  It is important to get the horse back after the oxer to ensure the horse doesn't jump the up right flat.  


Approach at trot and break into canter at the second pole, going over the bounce there will be two canter strides to an oxer.  Lastly there is a ground pole after the oxer to stop the horse running off after a jump.  


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