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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

3 Grid Work Layouts For Young Horses!

1.  Canter Poles To a Bounce

Set up three canter poles and start with that.  Then put the bounce out as poles to get the horse used to no strides.  When the horse is comfortable, put the bounce up to very small cross poles and put once last pole a stride away from the bounce.   

It is important to do the exercise until the horse is balanced and comfortable.  As soon as he is starting to feel good stop to not over do it! 

2.  Ground Poles With Two Bounces 

Set up the whole grid as ground poles.  Your horse should find it very easy and as long as he does, set the first bounce up as little cross poles.  Once you can go over the grid with he staying balanced and confident, put the second bounce up the same.   

Go up and down the grid in different directions and if he is feeling good try different reins and landing on a certain leg.   

3.  Trotting poles with an upright and an oxer

Again, set up the grid as ground poles to start with.  Warm up over them, getting the horse used to the strides and routine.  Next, put the upright up and go over a few times again.  Lastly, put the oxer up and go over until you feel the horse get confident and balanced then stop!   
You can also change the upright and oxer around so the oxer comes first.   


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