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Friday, 11 August 2017

5 Amazing Equestrian Products You Need to Try

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links, Read more about Amazon affiliate links here*

Water Boots

Water boots are great for a lot of things!  Cold water treatment after a long ride or injury treatment with ether hot or cold water!  I have these ones and I now don’t know how I managed without as it saves me so much time after a ride instead on holding a hose on each leg!

Hock Boots

Hock boots are good for in the stable, in the field or the trailer!  I use these for Zoe who panics in the stable if left alone to protect her hocks.  Hocks often get bashed in the stable or trailer.

Wheel barrow water carrier

I love using this to fill up water in the field!  It's great if your field is far away from a tap as carrying enough water is heavy and takes multiple trips.

Portable Horse Shower

Having used one of these I can say they are super helpful.  Some people don’t have a wash bay and may not even have stables so this can be a great tool.

Clip on Poultice Protector

Having used one of these before I know exactly how helpful it is!  I had a pony with bad laminitis and had to bandage her hoofs daily and I bought one of these as she kept getting the bandages off!  This product will help keep the bandage on and with protect it from wearing down by the horse walking about.  


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