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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

5 Simple Pole Work Layouts For Young Horses


This pole work layout is perfect for the biggest aim of a young horse which is to gain control of speed and different gaits.

The Curved line on the left is for trotting and the right side is for cantering.  Simply trot up the left side, canter round the corner and down the right side.  Then go back to trot and do it again.  


This is again to develop control in the horses speed.  Go over the first three poles in trot, on the third go into canter and canter over the next three poles.  Lastly after the third canter pole go back to trot for the last three poles.


Again, another simple one is to do two lines of poles, one being trotting poles and the other being cantering poles.  Use this exercise to control speed, help the horse to watch his feet and get him used to different distances and layouts.


Lastly is again, a very simply layout which is four poles with a stride between each.  This exercise is perfect to adjust the horses stride and to help him adjust himself.  Simply canter down the poles firstly and a medium speed, the a slow speed and lastly a fast speed.

The horse will have to work to not touch the poles as changing the speed will mean he will come closer or more far away which each stride.

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