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Friday, 18 August 2017

5 Things You Need at Your Stable Part 3

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This is an interesting horse toy but any toy for your horse to play with when he is in the stable is essential for your horses mental health!


Stable door chains can be great for a number of reasons.  Easy to get in and out when mucking out, better for a horse who panics in small spaces and to keep handy for at shows.  It can also be used in a trailer for a more flexible partition.

Stable tidies are a good idea if you want to keep some basics things in the stable instead of the tack room. I keep a brush, a hoof pick and some treats hidden in one of these in each stable.


A stable name sign is a cute little touch to add to each stable.  You can make your own one or buy a metal one like this.


A really cool thing you need to buy is a haynet holder!  These amazing things are made to hold you haynet open so you can fill it hands free!  It is something that I have used before and it helps a lot if you have to fill lots of haynets.


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