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Thursday, 24 August 2017

7 Things You Need In Your Equestrian Tool Shed

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Either a Shavings fork or a straw one.  Pretty Essential for horses!


You don't need this but I think it is essential for mucking out and poop picking!


Again, a brush is pretty much a staple in any yard!


A rake isn't something that every yard has but it is amazing to have!  I use this one to clean left over hay from the field and tidy the hay ans straw barns.


Another important thing, a wheel barrow is needed for mucking out, poo picking and cleaning the yard.


Not essential, but if you have straw then these are the best!  I fill these with straw to bring to the stable and I also fill another one with haylage to bring as I feed horses haylage on the floor.


Water containers are good for carrying water to fields, taking to shows and more!  Keep a few handy as you never know when you need them.


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