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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

7 Things You Need in Your Feed Room!

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Feed mixers are pretty essential when making up a horse's feed so you don't have to put your hands in to mix.  This can be great if the food is wet or there are any medicines in the food.


Feed scoops are great for making a horse's feed to make sure they are getting the right amount of feed.  Simply weight the scoop full of feed to get the right amount.


These shelves are good for displaying supplements, scoops, buckets and more! 


Anyone with horses knows that birds and rodents love to eat horse food.  Sometimes we need to make a feed in advance and these bucket covers can be perfect to stop animals coming and eating the food.


This feed tin was just too cute not to include!  Why not keep an adorable treat tin in your feed room!


Feed bins hold bags of horse food to avoid it being ruined or attracting rodents.  


I had my boyfriend make the feed storage trio for me.  I put the feed bins above inside the storage containers which can be locked. I like my storage because it makes the whole feed room look much better.  


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