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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

8 Things You Need In Your Horse Box!

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1.  First Aid Kit

Horses can hurt themselves in trailers so be ready with a horse and rider first aid kit.

2.  Poop Scoop

Horses make a mess, be ready with a colourful poop scoop!

3.  Equipment Bags

Keep things organised with equipment bags!  You can get bridle, saddle, hat, boots and more bags!

4.  Quick Release Tie

Some horses panic in boxes which can cause injury to their head.  Buy some of these lead ropes and keep them in the box ready for the horse to be clipped in!

5.  Water Container 

You should have some of these laying about so bring one along in case there is no water supply where you are going.

6.  Hay Bags

If you are going to be away from home for a longer period bring a small square hay bale and wrap it in a cover like this to keep it clean and tidy.  

7.  Haynets

Tie up a haynet in the box to keep your horse calm and give them something to do.  

8.  Water Buckets 

Take a water bucket with you to put in a stable or if you are giving the horse a drink in the box it is better to take one with a handle.  


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